Share trading & ETFs

Share Trading & ETFs

Our share trading and portfolio review service is designed to take the headache out of owning a personal share portfolio. The service is ideal for clients who want:

  •   to own a well-diversified portfolio of blue-chip ASX listed companies;
  •  help with execution only transactions;
  • help in winding up estates;
  • to help older family members who are finding it difficult to keep track of dividends, cost history and tax considerations;
  • are interested in learning more about the benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

At Shorebridge Wealth Advisers we partner with Australia’s leading brokers, analysts and research providers to ensure our client’s share portfolios are constructed based on rigorous financial analysis.

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So what is an ETF and how do they work?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an open-investment fund that trades on an exchange (such as the ASX). It is a basket of securities that trade the same way stocks do, which means they can be bought and sold on the stock market.

ETFs can be used in your investment portfolio, your superannuation fund, or your SMSF with the aim of diversifying and protecting your investment.
This is because instead of buying a stock in one specific company, an ETF allows you to invest in a range of companies grouped together in a niche or upcoming industry (like artificial intelligence, precious metals such as gold or alternative energy) to avoid putting all your eggs in one (company) basket.


Who are ETFs for?

You may be thinking “That all sounds great but are EFTs for me?”.

Different investment strategies are suited to different people based on their age, income, and goals for the future.

There is also no minimum investment amount and can be easier to buy and sell compared to stocks.

According to Vanguard2, ETF strategies may suit:

  • investors with a minimum time frame of three years
  • investors seeking a steady source of income with some capital growth
  • investors seeking relatively stable returns, with a low probability for loss of capital over the investment timeframe
  • investors seeking a tax-effective investment

At Shorebridge Wealth Advisers we can help you decide whether an ETF investment strategy is the right move for you. Whether you’re after wealth creation or wealth management, we can help you achieve your goals.


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