Consultation & Advice

If you are looking to develop a plan to reach your financial goals, consulting and advice can really make a difference. A licensed and experienced financial advisor or advisory firm can really help you identify realistic goals and objectives whilst implementing strategies and tactics to achieve them.

What is financial advice?

Financial advice is a consulting service provided by a licensed financial advisor (financial planner), that can guide you in making the right financial decisions. It can help you with budgeting, investing, superannuation, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, insurance and taxation.

In order to provide you with quality consulting and advice, a financial adviser must be licensed by ASIC, or be an authorised representative of an organisation licensed by ASIC.

When Do You Need Financial Advice?

Understanding when you need financial advice can be hard to determine.

However, if you have ever asked yourself questions like:

  • Will I have enough money to retire comfortably?
  • How should I invest my savings?
  • What should I do with an inheritance I’ve just received?
  • How will I support my family if I get injured or become ill?
  • Can I afford that overseas holiday I want to take every year?
  • How can I achieve a better work-life balance?
  • How am I going to maintain or attain the lifestyle I want?

Then you can benefit from financial advice.

Whether it’s peace of mind for your family or a short-term goal you want to achieve in the next three or five years, trusting a professional financial planner is a fantastic way to move towards a brighter future.

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