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Our Investment Approach

Our approach to investing begins with helping you to define your goals. Then, develop portfolios that suit your unique needs, time horizon and appetite for risk.

Emotion, sentiment and crowd behaviour often drive markets.

Whilst recognising these factors, at Shorebridge we focus on fundamentals, quality and value.

We’re conscious that not everyone is the same when it comes to investing. We all have different tolerances to risk and we all have different expectations about how we invest and what we want to achieve from our portfolio.

At Shorebridge we have a conservative, research-based and disciplined approach to investing. We ensure that your investment strategy that is customised to your individual goals,  objectives and tolerances. 

We also construct and tailor bespoke portfolios for you to better align your investments with your own personal investment philosophy.

At Shorebridge we strive to keep our client’s investment returns ahead of the pack. We partner with some of the world’s leading asset managers who have demonstrated superior long term returns.



Sustainable Investing (ESG)

Profiting from the sale of tobacco products, weapons, fossil fuel production or gambling is not something that would sit comfortably with many people, yet the reality is that sitting within the superannuation and investment assets of many Australians will be investments in industries that are inconsistent with their personal ethics or values.

In these enlightened times, more and more people are realising that it is possible to invest in ways that are consistent with their personal values, social and environmental concerns without sacrificing long-term returns. We are seeking out better ways to invest, to generate strong returns, but also to avoid doing harm.

At Shorebridge we believe that responsible investments and sound financial returns do not have to be mutually exclusive.

While our financial advisory services are wide-ranging, we are passionate about responsible investing and developing effective strategies that align with our client’s personal values as well as their investment goals.

To find out more about our approach to responsible investing, please contact us.

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